1. On the Liked Product page, click Add to Cart or Buy Now.

If you click on the item, the item is added to the cart and you can continue to select items.

If you click Buy Now , after clicking you will be taken to payment immediately.

You can also select the desired amount of goods next to the cart button. It is also possible to add more goods.

2. After you have placed all the desired items, click on the “add to cart” icon in the upper right.

Mobile versions: bottom left

3.The additional window will open and click PAYMENT


4.1. Select the country I will travel to Germany for your purchase; Latvia; Lithuania; Estonia.

4.2. Then fill in the fields. Mandatory among them: name, surname, e-mail Mail, phone no.

5.Choose delivery by post or courier. If you choose an ATM, choose the most convenient ATM where your shipment will be delivered.

6.Choose your payment method: 1bud. Payment by picking up the parcel at the omniva post office or courier (if you choose the post office, you will need to pay by bank card when picking up the parcel, if the courier has the option to pay by bank card or cash) additional fee 2 euros

2 budas. Paysera payment by bank card, or through a bank (you can pay through the bank or credit card you use) at no extra charge

7.You must check and agree to the terms of the page (I have read and agree to the terms and conditions of the page *)

8. Then click pay. You will be redirected to a special secure page of the Paysera payment system where you can start the payment procedure.

9. If you have selected ( Payment by picking up the shipment at the omniva post office or courier), click the button to pay

10.Order has been received and will be shipped shortly to the addresses you provided.

If you have any questions about payment, give us a call or email us. We will definitely find out.